Summer vacation tips for families on a budget

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With summer quickly approaching, many kids throughout the country will have a couple months off from school—the perfect time for the whole family to go on a memorable vacation. Here are some ways your family can have a fun-filled summer vacation without breaking the bank:

Eat and stay free

Maybe not the adults, but there a lot of resorts worldwide that advertise offers for kids to eat and stay for free. If you have trouble finding hotels in your next planned vacation destination with such offers, ask a travel agent for assistance. Additionally, explore local restaurant options in the city you’re headed to, many of which will also offer free meals for kids on certain days of the week.

Fly mid-week

The kids being out of school in the summer will offer more flexibility in your family’s travel plans, so if possible, depart and arrive mid-week. Fares are often lower on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Go camping

If you’ve already got the gear, why not take to the great outdoors? Not only can this be a fun summer adventure that the whole family can enjoy, but the fees for campsites are often much lower than hotel costs.

For longer trips

Plan on getting away for all or most of the summer? Staying in a conventional hotel room might not be practical, so consider other lodging options, such as home rentals. A larger space will not only be more comfortable for a family, but over the long term, will help your family to save on accommodation costs. And having access to a full-sized kitchen during your vacation will allow your family to cook more meals, which can help to substantially cut down on your overall costs. If you’re going on an extended road trip, explore the option of renting an RV, which will combine your accommodation and transportation costs and help you save.

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