How to find high quality luggage at discount prices

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If you plan to do a lot of traveling, a sturdy set of luggage can be a good investment. Although great luggage doesn’t come cheap, there are ways to score a terrific deal and not have to break the bank:

Check outlet stores

A mall or a department store might not always be the best place to find high quality luggage at discount prices, but it can be if you go to an outlet store. Outlet malls often have brand name luggage from previous seasons and/or with minor defects at terrific prices.

Shop last season’s collection

In addition to checking out discount department stores or your favorite brand’s outlet store, you can check out the regular store for possible deals. Find out when their next season’s collection will debut, because they might have leftover luggage from the previous season on sale.

Go online

Don’t just visit stores in person, but go online as well. The website’s sale and clearance sections are the best parts of the site to find great deals on luggage, and you might be able to get an even bigger discount if you have an applicable coupon code that you could use for your order. In addition to going directly to the source, check out websites like eBay, Overstock, and Amazon, where you could find great prices on just about anything—luggage included.

Buy used

Whether in person through garage sales or online through auction sites, consider buying luggage that is gently used. When compared to a lifetime of upcoming travels, high quality luggage that has only been used once or twice will still function just as well as if it were brand new. The only difference is that you’ll likely get a steep discount.

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