Tips for an affordable destination wedding, continued

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With some careful planning, it’s possible to have a destination wedding on the cheap.

Book at the right time

Don’t book too far in advance, but don’t book at the last minute, either. While it’s always possible to get good prices when you book last minute or way in advance, your best bet is somewhere in the middle. Try booking your trip a couple months before your wedding.

All-inclusive versus non-inclusive

Some resorts include all activities, meals, and drinks with the cost of your hotel room, but these resorts often cost a lot more, too. However, it might pay off for you and your wedding party. If there are any all-inclusive resorts at the destination you’re considering, find out what they include exactly and if they will be offering any specials during the dates you’re planning on getting married. Add these costs up separately and see if booking an all-inclusive resort will be cheaper in the end.

Don’t have a traditional registry

More and more couples are opting for registries that will help them pay for a destination wedding or even their honeymoon. You can add everything on your trip registry from airline tickets to meals. You can give guests the option to just contribute a small amount of money towards a larger purchase. This way, your destination wedding and/or honeymoon can become much more affordable.

Cut down on the guest list

One of the biggest ways to cut down on your destination wedding is to trim the guest list. By only inviting immediate family members and perhaps just one or two close friends, you can cut down on your wedding costs significantly.


Contact the resort you’re considering and find out if there are any deals they can offer you during your stay, such as free upgrades or breakfast. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Cut out the decorations

Flowers and other wedding decoration can really drive up the cost of a wedding. And what is the point of a destination wedding if you aren’t going to take advantage of the natural setting you’ll have? Select a venue with an amazing backdrop, and eliminate the cost of additional decorations.

Ask about substitutions

Depending on your wedding vendor, you may be able to substitute costlier aspects of your wedding for much more budget-friendly options. For instance, you might be able to substitute top shelf liquor for house liquor. These substitutions and cutbacks will save you big bucks in the end.

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