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There’s an app these days for just about everything, from entertainment and games, to helpful apps that assist us with daily tasks and activities. Whether you’re buying or selling property, the following are some free real estate apps that can prove to be invaluable tools while you’re on the go: Homesnap Have you driven past […]

If you’re thinking about investing for the first time, whether it’s just a small amount of cash or a large sum of money, you may be unsure about where to begin. There are so many different ways to invest your money, so it can be beneficial to know more about the basic types of investment […]

Fixer-upper homes can be a great way to get a lot of house for a little bit of money, or to find a bargain in a neighborhood where homes are normally much pricier. Whether you’re buying a fixer-upper because it’s affordable and you plan on turning it into your dream home, or you plan on […]

If you’re about to purchase a home, you may getting ready for one of the final steps before it’s a done deal: the home inspection process. A home inspection is meant to reveal anything wrong with the house, so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not it’s worth purchasing. Here […]

Are you thinking about buying a second home? Whether you decide to buy a second home as a vacation or seasonal home, or you’re doing it because you plan on renting it out, it can be a great investment. Determine if you can afford a second home  Make sure that you can comfortably fit the […]

It is a question often asked by first-time homebuyers: as long as I can afford the mortgage payment each month, can I purchase a home and be approved for a home loan without a down payment? Although it is unlikely you will get approved for a mortgage with no down payment whatsoever, you may be […]

Unless your business is completely online-based or you operate out of your home, there will come a time to choose an office space. But when it comes to commercial property, should you rent an office or purchase the space? There are some things to consider before making this big decision. The growth factor Buying an […]