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Lending money to a loved one can be a sensitive topic. If it’s someone you really care about, it can be difficult to see them struggling financially and you want to do what you can to help them out. On the other hand, you might be concerned about getting paid back, which could put you […]

Whether you have a lot of bills and expenses to pay, or there’s a large purchase you want to make, you’re usually faced with two choices when you don’t have the cash: you can charge on a high-limit credit card, or you can take out a personal loan. In some situations, a personal loan might […]

  The following ways may help to improve your credit score without using a credit card:   Check your credit report for mistakes Did you know that a lot of credit reports contain errors? Even if you know your poor credit score is due to large amounts of debt and/or delinquent payments, even just one […]

   If you’re trying to bounce back from poor credit, you may have heard that one of the best ways to do this is through responsible use of credit cards. Although there are certainly ways to improve your credit score with a credit card, some people simply prefer to avoid credit cards completely. The following […]

There are so many different types of mortgages out there, and it can be an overwhelming choice. Two of the most popular include the fixed-rate mortgage and the adjustable rate mortgage, but even deciding between these two different home loans can be daunting. If you’re still torn about whether an adjustable rate mortgage is right […]

Have you always wondered what lenders look for exactly when you apply for a loan? In addition to looking at your overall credit score, they will look through your payment history, current and past loans, and level of risk. Although it can vary by creditor, many will follow the five C’s of credit when making […]

In addition to covering auto payments and other types of loan payments, there are more specific types of loan protection insurance, including: Guaranteed asset protection  Guaranteed asset protection, or GAP insurance, protects your auto loan in the event of an accident. After you initially purchase a vehicle, the value drops. Since the actual value is […]

Have you ever been given the option of taking out loan protection insurance when you’ve applied for a loan? Loan protection insurance is a type of protection that guarantees that your financial obligations will be met if there is a financial hardship or other situation, such as a job loss or accident.   Loan protection […]

A big question that many people ask themselves when they’re about to apply for a mortgage: should I go directly to a bank or should I work with a mortgage broker? Whereas a mortgage broker basically acts as the liaison between you and the people who actually lend the money, going to the bank is […]

When it comes to applying for credit, you may have heard the terms “hard credit inquiry” and “soft credit inquiry.” This article explains the difference between these two types of inquires and how they affect your credit score. Soft credit inquiries Fortunately, these are the types of inquiries that don’t have any affect on your […]