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Moving somewhere far can be a bit of a shock, but it’s also a great way to have a fresh start. Depending on the state or city you’re moving to, you may be in store for an entirely new change of scenery. Relocating usually means new friends to make, a new home to move into, […]

  Depending on your skills, training, interests and talents, you may find success in one of the following fast-growing freelance career choices: Web designing Typical duties: Because just about all businesses have a need for a visually stunning website these days, web designers are in high demand. Duties include everything from creating brand new websites […]

  If you’ve always wanted to be your own boss, now may be the best time. With telecommuting positions and freelance jobs becoming more common, more and more individuals are ditching traditional 9-to-5 office jobs and embarking on freelance career ventures. Freelancers might work temporarily at different office sites, whereas others might work solely from […]

Starting a business may sound like a huge financial investment, but that’s not necessarily the case. Depending on what you’re good at and what you’re interested in, there are plenty of business ideas that don’t require office space, employees, and thousands of dollars for start-up costs. The following are some businesses, most of which are […]

Whether there is a lack of jobs in your career field in your current area or you just want a fresh start, expanding your job search to a new state can sometimes prove to be a great decision. It does, however, come with some challenges. Unless you’re applying for a neighboring state that is still […]

If you will soon be attending college or you are already in college and have yet to declare a major, there are some majors you might want to consider avoiding. Although there are always exceptions and it is still very possible to land a terrific job with some of the majors outlined in this article, […]

A new year brings changes, which can also mean changes to your career. If you’ve been thinking about entering a new career field, but don’t know where to start, here are some careers that are projected to be among the top paying for 2013. Veterinarians Veterinarians provide medical care to animals, including pets, laboratory animals, […]