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A traditional mortgage term is usually for 30 years, but did you know that instead of the conventional 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, you can instead opt for a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage? A 15-year fixed-rate mortgage isn’t for everyone, but it may be the ideal home loan choice for you. Be sure to consider the various positives […]

The length of a home loan is traditionally 30 years, but you can choose from other loan options as well, such as 15 and 20-year options. The length of your mortgage will have a large influence on the amount your mortgage payments will be, but choosing your mortgage term should be about more than that, […]

It is a question often asked by first-time homebuyers: as long as I can afford the mortgage payment each month, can I purchase a home and be approved for a home loan without a down payment? Although it is unlikely you will get approved for a mortgage with no down payment whatsoever, you may be […]