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Have you ever received an email from what appeared to be a financial institution that you do business with (for example, your bank), but it was actually an attempt from a third party to obtain your login information? This is known as a “phishing” attack. Falling victim to a phishing attack can result in tremendous […]

Losing a wallet—or even worse, having it stolen—can be a true nightmare. After all, most of us keep very important things in our wallet, and the consequences can be disastrous if it falls into the wrong hands. Although a lost or stolen wallet will always be a major inconvenience (at the very least), there are […]

Identity theft can turn your world completely upside down, and many victims will say they never saw it coming. Scam artists can be crafty and sneaky, so the more alert you are, the less likely you are to become another victim. This article highlights some of the top scams that identity thieves commonly use. Phishing […]

Identify theft can be a scary thing. Not only can it leave a victim feeling completely violated, but it can wreak havoc on the unsuspecting person’s credit record. The damage that results from identity theft can make it difficult to open new lines of credit, be approved for a mortgage or car loan, rent an […]