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  If you’re in a lot of credit card debt and want to pay it off, but don’t know where to begin, you might be able to settle that debt for much less than what you owe—even if it’s a significant amount and very old. Even though you can usually expect your credit score to […]

Aside from credit card debt, unpaid medical bills are another leading cause of consumer debt. Even with health insurance, it can be easy to accumulate hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in medical debt, especially if ongoing care or hospital admittance is required. Knowing more about medical bills and debunking some common medical myths can allow […]

Have you constantly been receiving phone calls from individuals attempting to collect on unpaid debt? When it comes to debt collectors contacting consumers, there are certain laws set in place, and you should know the rights that you have. The next time a debt collector contacts you, take note of the time. If they ever […]