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Auto insurance rates can vary widely from one driver to the next, and for some people, their insurance payments are almost as much as their car payments. Your car insurance rate isn’t completely out of your control, and there are certain things you can do if you’re looking to save money on your auto insurance. […]

Were you late with your most recent car insurance payment? Here’s what you need to know about missing a car insurance payment, and what steps to take next: Contact your insurance company The first thing you should do as soon as you realize you missed a payment is to contact your insurance company and explain […]

The normal costs associated with automobile accidents that involve only minimal damage are usually between $200 and $1000 for the driver. Minor damage usually means that there is nothing seriously wrong with the car and it is still drivable. Additionally, a minor auto crash is classified as one with no physical injuries to those involved. […]

Car crashes can potentially cost motorists large amounts of money. In order to avoid having to pay such substantial costs, many people purchase car insurance policies. However, those that do not have car insurance will usually have to pay for these costs out-of-pocket, unless it was the other driver’s fault and the other driver has […]