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When your bank account balance isn’t enough for debit card charges and checks to go through, one of two things will happen: the transactions will be denied, or you will overdraft. For each transaction that overdrafts, you will have to pay a fee. If you’re not careful, you can end up overdrafting multiple times and […]

It’s more critical than ever to select a good password for your financial accounts, email, Wi-Fi network, and anything else that entails a secured login. Many people depend on the web for many important daily tasks, like paying bills, taking care of business matters, and so much more. With a lot at risk these days […]

Have you ever received an email from what appeared to be a financial institution that you do business with (for example, your bank), but it was actually an attempt from a third party to obtain your login information? This is known as a “phishing” attack. Falling victim to a phishing attack can result in tremendous […]

Even if you feel like you are doing everything right to save money, there might some things you aren’t considering. Some of these things can help you save even more, which can allow you to reach your financial goals quicker. Shop around for a new banking institution You may have been with the same bank […]