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Many people can benefit from having a will, and shouldn’t put off creating one. The provisions in your will ensure that your wishes are carried out after your passing. If you have property and assets, you can designate how they will be divided and who will receive them. Before you finalize your will, though, you […]

A trustee is someone who handles and oversees a grantor’s assets, usually within a trust fund. While this can be an individual, a trustee can also be an institution. The level of financial responsibility that a trustee has will vary depending on the specific terms of your trust agreement. State laws also influence a trustee’s […]

In addition to covering auto payments and other types of loan payments, there are more specific types of loan protection insurance, including: Guaranteed asset protection  Guaranteed asset protection, or GAP insurance, protects your auto loan in the event of an accident. After you initially purchase a vehicle, the value drops. Since the actual value is […]

Have you ever been given the option of taking out loan protection insurance when you’ve applied for a loan? Loan protection insurance is a type of protection that guarantees that your financial obligations will be met if there is a financial hardship or other situation, such as a job loss or accident.   Loan protection […]

A prenuptial agreement (or often simply referred to as a prenup) is a written agreement that is drawn up between two parties before they get married. Every prenup is different, but the general goal is to protect certain assets and property should the couple ever divorce. The agreement will list who owns which assets, and […]