7 states that are great for retirement

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While some people choose to retire abroad, many choose to remain in the United States, but wonder if the state they’ve spent their working years in is ideal. While some states boast of low living costs and low taxes, others offer an abundance of activities and pleasant year-round weather, while some possess all of these qualities. The following are some of the best states throughout the country for retirement.


Not only does the state of Kentucky have a lower-than-average crime rate, but the cost of living is very low—the fifth lowest in the country.


With its low property, sales, and income tax levels in addition to low cost of living, Tennessee has become of the best states to retire in.

South Dakota

For those concerned about crime, consider retiring in South Dakota: a state with one of the lowest crime rates nationwide. Additionally, residents can take advantage of low taxes.


Not only can retirees benefit from the low cost of living in the state of Louisiana, but the area also has a year-round average temperature of 67 degrees.


Not only does Virginia have its own money-saving benefits and fantastic weather most of the year, but the state also offers easy access to superb medical care.

West Virginia

Offering similar benefits to its neighboring state of Virginia, West Virginia is another great state in the country to retire in.

North Dakota

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the state of North Dakota offers the second-best for healthcare access in the United States. Paired with low cost of living and low crime rates, it is no wonder that North Dakota is one of the best states to retire in.

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