International retirement: some of the best places for relocating, continued

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Not only do many people in Malaysia speak English, but the cost of living is inexpensive. For example, on Penang Island, the median cost of a beachfront home with luxurious amenities averages $1,000 per month. Entertainment is inexpensive as well, with blockbuster hits straight from the United States premiering at only about $4.00 a ticket.



Not only are entertainment and housing expenses low in Colombia, but the medical care is a terrific value as well.


New Zealand

One of the primary languages spoken in New Zealand is English. Aside from the language benefits, New Zealand can provide a unique and interesting retirement destination choice. Not only is the landscaping some of the most breathtaking in the world, but the country is notorious for near-absent pollution and healthy living, which can assist in prolonging an individual’s retirement for as long as possible.



Medical care, food, and even beer all come at very low costs in Nicaragua, which can provide for an enjoyable and relaxing retirement.  In fact, studies show that the overall cost of living in the country is about $1,200 a month on average, and the total health care costs can run as much as 60 percent lower than expenses in the United States. There is no need to stress about language barriers, either. Most of the physicians in Nicaragua were originally trained in the United States and speak English. And as an added bonus, many of them will make house calls for a low cost.



Although Spain may be one of the countries that have a higher cost of living when compared to the other destinations on this list, it is a terrific choice for a relaxing, easygoing, and awe-inspiring atmosphere. Thus, many retirees from the United States flock to Spain when retiring.

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