5 tips for saving money on concert tickets

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Concert tickets can be very expensive, especially if you’re seeing a very popular singer or artist. In fact, it’s standard these days for concert tickets to cost hundreds of dollars—even for mediocre seats. But there are some simple ways to save money on tickets for that upcoming concert. The next time you’re getting ready to purchase concert tickets, keep the following tips in mind:

Buy at the right time

When it comes to saving money on concert tickets, timing is very important. It’s best if you could plan ahead and before the tickets even go on sale, rather than try to find reasonably priced tickets after they’ve gone on sale. Be prepared to purchase tickets the second you’re able to, and if you enjoy going to concerts often, look into applying for a credit card that offers pre-sale opportunities for customers. If you qualify for this type of credit card program, you’ll be able to buy tickets before they go on sale to the public.


If you’re unable to purchase tickets right when they go on sale, there’s a good chance that a popular artist will completely sell out. Purchasing tickets from resale vendors will cost you a lot more, but if you wait until the last minute—as in, hours before the concert—you might be able to get a good deal if there are leftover tickets that sellers are eager to get rid of.

Buy directly from the box office

Buying concert tickets from third parties and ticket vendors will usually result in service charges and other miscellaneous fees. Save money by eliminating these extra costs, and buy your concert tickets at the venue’s box office directly.

Compare prices

Don’t buy the first tickets you find that seem decent and reasonably priced—compare your options first. Once you have tickets on hold, you’ll usually have at least a few minutes before they are “released” again, so you can do some quick searches and see what else you can find. But when it comes to purchasing event tickets online, remember to only deal with reputable ticket sellers. Using websites like Craigslist, for example, could be a good way to find a deal. But when it comes to tickets, you’re putting a lot at risk and you could end up paying for something that isn’t valid for the event you’re attending, or you may never even get any tickets at all.

Take advantage of membership discounts

Wholesale club memberships and even auto club memberships, such as AAA, offer a plethora of perks that many members aren’t even aware of. One of those perks is concert tickets at discounted prices. If you do have a membership that may give you the opportunity to purchase concert tickets at a discount, find out for sure and remember to take advantage of this benefit the next time an event comes to town that you’re interested in.

Split up

If you’re planning on attending a concert with group of people, it can be challenging to find seats that are together and reasonably priced. If you’re open-minded to the idea of splitting up—even if it’s into pairs—it can be easier to find available seats that are priced lower.

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