How to save money on your wedding

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Did you know that weddings in the US cost, on average, $26,444 per couple? If you need to significantly cut down on your wedding expenses, the following tips from some individuals working in the industry can be helpful:


“We recommend that couples prioritize what is most important to them on the wedding day and budget from there. Whether the venue or food tops the list, or photography and flowers are higher priority, this always helps couples start the planning process. They can then determine what elements don’t make the cut if they are on a tighter budget.” – Aleah and Nick Valley, Valley & Co. Events

The venue

“Venues that have the convenience of in-house catering and alcohol (meaning they provide it for you) are typically going to have much higher pricing than a venue that is just charging you for use of the space, but you’re allowed to bring in outside food and beverage. This option allows you to control costs a bit with your use of catering, or even if you want a caterer versus deli platters, food trucks, and so on to help control costs. It also allows you to decide if you want to serve just non-alcoholic beverages, or provide beer, wine and liquor to your guests.” – Rebecca Grant, New Creations Weddings

The toast

“Skip the champagne toast! A champagne toast, including the cost of the champagne, glassware and service for 100 guests can range between $220 and $1,000. It is much easier, quicker, and cost-effective to just have the guests fill their glasses with whatever they are drinking.” – Carolyn O’Brien, Wedding Planner


“As of late, electronic invitations have been quite popular. There are more and more companies offering the service, and the traditional paper invitations aren’t such a priority as they used to be. An electronic invitation with RSVP functions can be as low as $50 for the entire wedding list. A major cost saver!” – Megan Clark, Clutch Events

Guest list

“Cut the guest count. Every additional guest adds the cost of an invitation, postage, meal, place setting, chair, etc. If you are on a budget, a smaller wedding is the way to go. If you can’t cut the guest count, I would do away with any kind of fancy/formal theme. You can provide a wonderful day for a lot of guests in a park setting, community arts center, and do simple catering, rather than steak and salmon. Check with your favorite casual or ethnic restaurant with a menu point of $15 or less – you might be pleasantly surprised to find they will cater as well!” – Emee Pumarega, CMP, EJP Events


“Flowers are so much more expensive than you would imagine, but they truly do increase the aesthetics of any and every event! There are a few ways to save money when purchasing flowers. My first suggestion would be to hire a florist that charges an arrangement fee and has you purchase the flowers wholesale. My second suggestion is to not be picky on the types of flowers used. Peonies are incredibly stunning, but they are not in season year round so they can be pretty expensive to include in your day. If you love the look of them and are willing to change your preferences, there are some gorgeous garden roses that look very similar to peonies.” – Becca Buck, Events With Becca

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