4 ways to cut down on your cell phone bill

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Are you trying to save on monthly bills and expenses? One way to cut down on your bills is by making some changes to your cell phone plan, which can easily be costing you $100 (or more) every month. The following are some ways to cut down on monthly cell phone expenses:

Use Wi-Fi

Whether it’s free Wi-Fi at your local library or your own at-home Internet, using the Wi-Fi on your phone and turning off your 3G or 4G can help you lower your cell phone bill significantly. Many consumers don’t have much data or minutes on their plan, and by opting for Wi-Fi whenever it’s available, they can avoid quickly burning into those minutes and data. If you use Wi-Fi enough on your cell phone, you might even be able to switch to a cheaper monthly data plan.

Compare plans

Even if you are getting a fair price for your current cell phone plan, it doesn’t mean it’s the best possible deal you can get. Compare various offers from other service providers, and also find out what other cell phone plans your current provider offers. If your contract is almost up or you don’t have a contract, let your current cell phone provider know that you’re thinking about making a change. If they think they might lose your business completely, they might be willing to offer you a better deal or match a competitor’s lower prices.

Carefully look through your bill

If your cell phone bill is on auto pay or you just pay it every month without giving it a second thought, you could be paying for things you don’t really need or even use. Go through your cell phone statements carefully and look at the individual charges so you know just where your money is going. If there is something you can cut down on or get rid of completely, contact your cell phone provider and ask about your options for other cell phone plans.

Consider the type of cell phone you have

The type of cell phone you have can have a big influence on your monthly cell phone bills. For example, if you have a smartphone, you might be paying for a lot of data and other features that you don’t even use if you’re only using your phone for brief phone calls and the occasional text message.


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