How to receive a free annual dental checkup

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Annual dental checkups are essential for optimal dental health, and can help prevent much more painful and expensive problems down the road. The following are some ways you can receive a free annual dental checkup:

Dental insurance

Many dental insurance plans offer free annual dental checkups. If you have dental insurance, ask your insurer if you’re entitled to a yearly dental exam at no extra cost. If you’re currently shopping around for dental insurance plans, consider selecting one that also includes free preventative care.

New patient specials

Whether you just moved to a new area or you’re looking to switch dentists, inquire about new patient specials. Some dental offices are willing to offer free annual dental checkups to new patients.

Online offers

Websites like LivingSocial and Groupon frequently have deals that feature local, low-cost dental care, many of which will also include a free dental exam. Also be sure to follow local dentists on social media; many dentists use these social media channels to advertise special deals and promotions, such as free checkups for a limited time.

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