Top causes for emergency room visits, continued

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The following are some of the top causes for emergency room visits:

Foreign objects in the body

Strange objects that become lodged somewhere in an individual’s body, and therefore resulting in an emergency room visit, are not an unusual cause for an ER visit. As a matter of fact, it remains one of the most common reasons for a trip to the emergency room. These are usually serious situations that require urgent medical care, and approximately 1,500 fatalities that occur each year are the result of foreign object complications. Some of the more common cases involve foreign objects getting stuck inside the upper intestinal tract, which usually require an operation for removal, and objects becoming lodged in the esophagus, which can result in choking.

Serious headaches

Headaches that feel more severe than normal have landed many individuals in the emergency room. While some of these situations have turned out to be nothing beyond a severe migraine, other times, extremely painful headaches can be a possible sign of cerebral hemorrhaging, meningitis, or a brain tumor.

Contusions and cuts

Contusions (bruises), head trauma and cuts have sent over 2 million individuals nationwide to their local emergency rooms on an annual basis.

Back pain

It may seem a bit surprising, but back pain is actually one of the top causes for emergency room visits. In fact, it was actually the number one cause at one point. Different causes of back pain that usually bring patients into the ER include kidney stones, herniated discs, and arthritis. Other injuries to the back itself, from lifting the area or twisting it the wrong way, can result in back pain as well.

Skin infections

Skin infections can cause abnormal reactions in the body, which can be painful and result in other symptoms as well. Severe skin infections can also make the immune system vulnerable to harmful microbes that are usually blocked by the skin when it is not infected.

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