11 countries that are popular for medical tourism 

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Medical tourism throughout the world is nothing new, but with the increasing cost of healthcare in the United States, more and more Americans are grabbing their passports and heading to other countries for certain procedures and treatments. This article highlights 11 countries throughout the world that are known for medical tourism and specialize in certain types of medical care and surgeries. 


Extensive health screenings in Malaysia are the main reason for the country’s medical tourism.  These comprehensive screenings include MRI’s, vision, dental, hearing, and more.

Costa Rica

People from Europe and the United States frequently flock to Costa Rica for the country’s affordable, yet high quality dental work. Cosmetic dentistry including bridges, crowns, restorative work, implants, and dentures is amongst the most sought after type of dental care that tourists travel to the country for.


Hungary is another country that is well known in the medical tourism world for dentistry, but more so for routine dental work (such as root canals and cavity fillings), as opposed to cosmetic dentistry. 


Those looking for affordable cosmetic surgery frequently visit Brazil. The country attracts visitors for this purpose from all around the world.

South Africa

In addition to cosmetic surgery, South Africa is also well known for affordable cardiac surgery. The country has a reputation for heart surgeries, with the first heart transplant in the world being performed in Cape Town. 


As one of the world’s top producers of medical instrumentation, Israel draws in patients from around the world seeking otherwise expensive fertility treatments, which may cost double (or more) in their home countries. 


Similarly to Israel, Barbados offers inexpensive fertility treatments for those trying to conceive. 


With patients from more than 30 countries around the world, Antigua offers affordable addiction recovery treatments. 


From routine eye exams to normally costly LASIK procedures, Turkey has become one of the top choices in the world for vision care. Additionally, Turkey has 41 American-accredited hospitals—more than any other country in the world. 


Cancer treatment can be very expensive without health insurance, so many patients looking to cut down on their treatment costs have gone to Singapore.


Whether it’s for healthcare purposes or cosmetic reasons, patients throughout the world visit Thailand for a wide array of medical services. Although Thailand doesn’t focus solely on one specific type of treatment or medical procedure, the country is known as being one of the most popular in the world for medical tourism.

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