6 money talks to have before tying the knot

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It may not be the most romantic topic to discuss, but the details of your financial life post-wedding, are definitely something that you and your fiancée should talk about as soon as possible. Even before you two get married, you should sit down, iron out some very important details, and have the following money talks.

How your money will be shared

Some couples decide to share all of their money, while some decide to keep it separate. This is something that you two need to decide for yourselves, based on what works best for you both. If you will be keeping money separate, it is important to figure who will pay what bills, and how other expenses will be divided. Having a lump sum of cash can make it a lot easier to handle day-to-day expenses and Peachtree Financial Solutions can get you cash now for your annuity settlement.

How your money will be spent

You might be shocked to discover that your soon-to-be marital partner has completely different spending habits than you. Perhaps you love to save every penny and your partner likes to spend it all, or vice versa. Discovering the similarities and differences between your financial habits now can help prevent any unwanted surprises after you’re married, and you can help to reach a compromise on how you will both budget your money as a married couple.

Prenuptial agreements

If you want a prenuptial agreement or your partner does, this is an important discussion that you two should have sooner, rather than later.


Find out if your partner is in a lot of debt; if you are in a lot of debt yourself, be sure to tell him or her about it. Together, you can both come up with a financial plan and budget for paying off that debt as quickly as possible. If you’re in a lot of debt, allow Peachtree Financial Solutions to provide you with a lump sum of cash from your annuity settlement. The money you receive can be used to help eliminate debt.

Milestones and special moments

Buying a home, having a baby, taking a lavish annual vacation—these are all examples of things that many couples encounter throughout their married life. Because these are often times to celebrate, it can be easy to forget the financial side to these things. Talk about future goals and plans, and how you both will budget for these milestones. Be ready for both planned and unanticipated events in life with cash now through the sale of your annuity settlement.

Financial emergencies

Just as it’s important to plan for happy moments, it is also crucial to be prepared for financial emergencies, too. Agree on a budget that allows you both to be prepared in case of a job loss, illness, accident, or other emergency that can be financially devastating.

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Nothing above is meant to provide financial or tax advice. You should meet with appropriate professionals for such services.

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