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As a cash-strapped college student who is already paying thousands in tuition expenses, that extra cost of textbooks is like the icing on the cake. With some strategic shopping and planning, however, you can easily cut down on those costs. The following tips can help you save money on textbooks throughout college:

Opt for used

Whether you buy your textbooks online, at the school bookstore, or off campus, you’ll almost always want to opt for used editions. Unless it’s a blank workbook you need, most used textbooks will be in pretty decent shape, yet will also be much cheaper. Even like-new textbooks that were used for just a single semester can be half the price of the brand new versions.

Use an e-reader

Digital textbooks, for the most part, tend to cost a lot less than physical copies. With more and more textbooks becoming available for tablets and other devices, you may want to invest in an e-reader and start downloading digital copies of the textbooks you need. If you have a smartphone, you can use that to download books on. Not only can this help you to save money, but digital textbooks offer a lot of other benefits as well. For one, you can download them instantly, so there’s no waiting for them to arrive or hunting them down in the bookstore. This is especially useful for last-minute class registrations. You also don’t have to worry about straining your back; instead of lugging around tons of heavy textbooks, you can have them all on your e-reader. There are also handy search features that can allow you to search for certain words or phrases in the entire book in a matter of seconds, which can make assignments and studying a breeze. And if you like the idea of renting textbooks, there are also websites that offer textbook rentals in digital format.

Don’t procrastinate

Unless you plan on just downloading all of your textbooks, for the most part, you can save the most money by taking action and buying your books as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter where you plan on buying your textbooks—online, the campus bookstore, or off campus. Once the semester begins, the used textbooks begin flying off the shelves and they can sell out quickly. As a result, you may be forced to pony up the extra cash for the expensive, brand new textbooks. Don’t procrastinate, and try to get your textbooks before the semester even begins. Most professors will send out or post their course syllabus ahead of time, so you can find out in advance what materials you’ll need for class.  

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