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Affording college isn’t always easy, especially when you factor in all of the different expenses. From tuition to required course materials, the costs can add up quickly. For some students, these expenses hold them back from achieving the level of education they want to pursue. The following tips, however, can help to lower some of those college costs:

Living expenses

It’s important to look beyond room and board when it comes to your college living expenses. For example, it could be worth the higher rent to live closer to your school if it means you won’t need to buy a car. Aside from the initial cost of the car, you also have to consider upkeep, repairs, and gas. Additionally, most colleges charge fees for parking. And for miscellaneous living expenses in general, don’t forget to take advantage of student discounts wherever they’re offered—saving just a little bit can go a long way, especially over the course of four years.


Course materials and textbooks can also be very expensive; it’s not unusual for a single textbook to cost hundreds of dollars. However, with some simple shopping tricks, it’s easy to save a ton of money on your textbooks. Avoid brand new textbooks at your college bookstore—this is when you’ll usually pay top dollar. Opt for used—even gently used textbooks can be substantially discounted. Although you might be able to find some deals at your college bookstore, you’ll often find better deals online. Additionally, many college towns have off-campus bookstores that stock up on textbooks throughout the year. Compare all of your shopping options first before making any final purchases.

Purchasing print textbooks isn’t always your only option, either. Save money by renting your textbooks, or by downloading digital versions of your textbooks to an eReader, tablet, or smartphone. Many textbooks are also available to rent in digital format. Not only can digital textbooks be much cheaper than print editions, but it’s also a huge weight off your shoulders—literally. Imagine all of your textbooks weighing no more than just a few ounces because they’re conveniently stored on a small device.

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