7 ways to lower your college tuition expenses, continued

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Some of the following tips can help to make your college education more affordable: 

Select classes carefully 

Not all classes cost the same, so consider this when making your selection each semester. You may spend more by taking a class that includes additional credits, is offered online, or requires additional materials. Unless it’s a course you must take to graduate, try to skip the classes that tend to be more expensive than the others.

Finish quicker

If your schedule and budget allows it, finishing your degree faster can actually help you to spend less on your college tuition. Because college tuition expenses only continue to increase, staying in school longer may subject you to these increases more often, whereas you may be able to avoid an increase completely if you take on a full class load each class semester. Additionally, find out if your school offers accelerated classes, which can provide a semester’s worth of credits in just half the time and may also cost less.

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