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If you are hoping to take advantage of falling mortgage rates, you may have considered refinancing your home. However, there are some potential downsides you may want to consider.   One thing to consider with refinancing is that there is sometimes a level of risk involved. Although refinancing is meant to provide homeowners with a […]

The length of a home loan is traditionally 30 years, but you can choose from other loan options as well, such as 15 and 20-year options. The length of your mortgage will have a large influence on the amount your mortgage payments will be, but choosing your mortgage term should be about more than that, […]

It is a question often asked by first-time homebuyers: as long as I can afford the mortgage payment each month, can I purchase a home and be approved for a home loan without a down payment? Although it is unlikely you will get approved for a mortgage with no down payment whatsoever, you may be […]

Are you thinking about refinancing your home, but you don’t know which type of refinancing works best for you? This article highlights the main types of refinancing available, so that you can weigh the advantages and disadvantages to each and determine which type might be best for you. The two main types of refinancing are […]

When it comes to debt, there are two main types: unsecured and secured. Understanding the differences between the two types is crucial, so that you can execute an efficient plan for paying it off. Secured Debts When something of value is used as collateral for a loan, it is known as a secured debt. When […]

Home equity is the current market value of a residential property, less any remaining mortgage balance. For instance, if you buy a home for cash in full at $100,000, that is how much equity is in your home at that time. As the market value of the property increases, so does your equity. However, if […]

As more individuals head to dealerships to purchase a new vehicle, they are increasingly stretching out their car loans to at least five years – and for some, it’s six or seven years. These findings, which were reported by Experian, come from data that was analyzed from auto loans that were taken out within the […]