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There is no question that surgery, almost no matter what the procedure is, is a large expense. The following are the top 10 most expensive surgical procedures in the United States. Please note that the following costs are estimates, and may vary based on the location, hospital, and surgeon. 1. Intestine Transplant: $1,206,000 2. Heart-Lung […]

Medical devices are designed to help people with certain conditions live an easier life. This equipment is often expensive, but have you ever wondered what the most expensive medical device in the world is? Currently, the most costly piece of medical equipment in use is a particle accelerator that is used to combat cancer. The […]

Whenever we visit a doctor’s office or hospital, we expect that the medical professionals we encounter will follow standard treatment protocols. Unfortunately, not all medical professionals do, and when they fail to do so, they may be breaching the duty of care to the patient. According to a study conducted by the Physician Insurers Association […]

Dental work can be expensive, especially when you don’t have dental insurance to cover some or all of the costs. The following are the top five most expensive dental procedures based on national averages. However, bear in mind that these are simply estimates and your local dentist may charge different prices for certain procedures: Dental […]