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  Dental costs can be very expensive, even if you have insurance. Some services aren’t completely covered by dental plans; other plans will have a maximum yearly allotment, and it can be easy to use up those benefits early on in the year. If you need extensive dental work done or you find you’re always […]

Aside from credit card debt, unpaid medical bills are another leading cause of consumer debt. Even with health insurance, it can be easy to accumulate hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in medical debt, especially if ongoing care or hospital admittance is required. Knowing more about medical bills and debunking some common medical myths can allow […]

Medical tourism throughout the world is nothing new, but with the increasing cost of healthcare in the United States, more and more Americans are grabbing their passports and heading to other countries for certain procedures and treatments. This article highlights 11 countries throughout the world that are known for medical tourism and specialize in certain […]

Annual dental checkups are essential for optimal dental health, and can help prevent much more painful and expensive problems down the road. The following are some ways you can receive a free annual dental checkup: Dental insurance Many dental insurance plans offer free annual dental checkups. If you have dental insurance, ask your insurer if […]

Even with a good health insurance plan, you may have noticed that some of your prescription medications are still very expensive. When it comes to medicine that you’ll need to take on a regular basis, it can be beneficial to find the possible ways to cut down on these costs. Some of these ways include: […]

If you have a pet, you’d likely agree that he or she is more than just that, but is considered to be a member of the family. We always want to protect our family, and some of the best peace of mind we can have is the assurance that our loved ones are healthy, and […]

The following are some of the top causes for emergency room visits: Foreign objects in the body Strange objects that become lodged somewhere in an individual’s body, and therefore resulting in an emergency room visit, are not an unusual cause for an ER visit. As a matter of fact, it remains one of the most […]

Although a hospital’s emergency room can treat everything from a minor injury to a life-threatening situation, not all cases that are seen in an emergency room are severe. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were roughly 124 million emergency room visits in the United States just one recent […]

Even when you feel fine, it is still important to take the time to visit your physician for routine checkups and exams. But how often should you go to the doctor? What exams and tests should you get and at what age? This article will offer some general guidelines about routine doctor visits and screenings. […]

Many people will undergo surgery at least once in their lifetime—whether it’s the result of an accident, treatment for a mild or serious condition, or elective surgery. Although there is no question that surgery can be very expensive, not all patients are burdened by the cost because their health insurance plan takes care of everything. […]