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Are you getting ready to sell your car? If you’re hoping it to sell fast, but for a fair price, there’s more to the process than just quickly listing it online or bringing it to a local dealership. A little bit of effort can go a long way and can attract buyers that are willing to pay what you’re asking for (or close enough, anyway). If you’re about to sell a car, you’ll want to:

Make your car look its best

It’s more than just making sure your car is completely free of clutter before you show it to someone who is interested in purchasing it. First impressions are very important, so you’ll want to take the time and shell out the extra cash to get it washed, waxed, and detailed. If there are any major cosmetic problems with the car—for example, if it was involved in an accident—pay to get these things fixed. Even minor cosmetic issues, such as scrapes or dents, should be addressed. Otherwise, you’ll likely pay for more these problems in the end by getting a lot less for your car, or turning off car buyers altogether.

Price it right

Before you settle on an initial price, thoroughly do some research to see what a fair price would be. Use websites like Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds. Although these tools can help give you a better estimate as to how much you should try and sell your car for, you need to take other factors into consideration. For example, are there a lot of other similar cars in the area being sold, and if so, for how much? Are you selling a car that’s in high demand, with low availability locally? Did you pay for any extras or add-ons? Does your car have any issues, or is it in excellent condition? These are all some questions you’ll need to ask yourself as you settle on a fair listing price.

You might also want to consider how much of a rush you’re in. If you don’t need to sell your car quickly and time is on your side, you can add on a little more to your listing price, especially since most car buyers will try to haggle with you and get a better price. On the other hand, if time is of the essence and you need to sell your car fast, you may need to list a little below market value so that you’ll attract more buyers.

Take a lot of photos

If you’re listing an ad online, include several different high-quality photos of the vehicle’s interior and exterior. Make sure the photos are clear, large, and detailed, and that they don’t hide anything. Your ad will likely be competing with many others, so you don’t want yours to be overlooked because there simply weren’t enough photos, or because you’re not showing your entire car. Even if there is something unsightly about your car, include photos of it, which can allow buyers to avoid any unwanted surprises on their end. You don’t want to attract buyers by deceiving them or hiding information, only to have them walk away, uninterested. This just wastes your time and theirs. Even if it’s something you might not think would be a deal breaker for someone (for instance, your car’s interior color), it could be for a particular buyer. Avoid potential pitfalls by loading your ad with as much photos as you possibly can.

Include important information

Although your car’s appearance is significant, another thing you want to make sure your ad includes is all of its specs and detailed information. This includes the vehicle’s overall condition, make, model, color, mileage, year, and so on. If there is anything that you’d want or need to know about your car as a buyer, then include it in your ad—don’t wait until someone contacts you or shows up to see it. Additionally, be sure to include all of your contact information. Some people prefer to use email, whereas others will only contact someone selling something by telephone. As such, be sure to include both a phone number and email address that you can be easily reached at, and don’t delay in responding to any messages you receive from interested buyers.

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