10 fast-growing freelance careers

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If you’ve always wanted to be your own boss, now may be the best time. With telecommuting positions and freelance jobs becoming more common, more and more individuals are ditching traditional 9-to-5 office jobs and embarking on freelance career ventures. Freelancers might work temporarily at different office sites, whereas others might work solely from home. Depending on your skills, training, interests and talents, you may find success in one of the following fast-growing freelance career choices:

Virtual assisting

Typical duties: If you’re great at time-management and keeping things organized, you might make a great administrative assistant.  A growing trend is virtual assisting, which involves a lot of the same tasks you might do for someone in a regular office setting, but are instead done remotely. For instance, you might help a busy business executive with travel arrangements, calendar updating, and email organizing—all without leaving the comfort of your own home. 

Digital copywriting

Typical duties: Digital copywriters provide a wide array of web content for their clients, including articles for blogs, text for email marketing campaigns and newsletters, website content, and more.

Internet marketing

Typical duties: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), digital strategy and PR, and social media management are just some of the few day-to-day duties for someone freelancing in Internet marketing.


Typical duties: If you’ve got a knack for photography, why not turn your hobby into a moneymaker? As a freelance photographer, you can decide what types of events and projects you shoot, which might include weddings, maternity shoots, engagement sessions, actor headshots, parties, and sporting events.

Web development

Typical duties: Web developers integrate website applications, create online tools, offer technical support, oversee servers, test software for websites, and much more. 


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