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Whether you’re looking to declutter your home and sell some items online, or you own a business that involves shipping merchandise, you’re likely familiar with shipping expenses and how quickly they can add up. But there are ways you can save on the cost of shipping, and by extending this savings to customers, you may attract more business and receive more orders. Some ways to cut down on shipping costs include:

Compare costs

You have a lot of different options when it comes to selecting a carrier—USPS, FedEx, UPS, and so on. Randomly picking one and calling it a day can cost you. Instead, take various factors into consideration, including the items you’re shipping and where you’re shipping them. Compare the costs amongst the different carriers to determine which method is the most cost-effective.

Shipping weight

Getting the accurate shipping weight is key so you can price your items accordingly. Otherwise, you may not charge enough and you end up eating some of the shipping fees, or you overcharge and potentially lose business. You may want to invest in a shipping scale to accurate determine shipping weight and costs; alternatively, you can order flat-rate envelopes and packages, which may be the easier and cheaper option, depending on what you’re selling. 

Pay ahead of time

The post office isn’t necessarily the only place you can pay your postage fees. Most shipping fees can be taken care of ahead of time online, and all you’ll need to do is print out the shipping label. Many shippers will offer a discount for pre-paid postage, so if you’re always shipping a lot of stuff, the savings can be big. And as an added bonus, you may be able to completely eliminate trips to the post office when you pay for your shipping online. Depending on the shipper you use, you may be able to just drop the packages off at a drop box, and/or you may be able to give them to a delivery driver (or the postman).

Reuse packaging materials

If you frequently shop online, save as much of the packaging materials as you can and reuse them for your own shipments. Even if you use prepaid flat-rate mailers, other materials (such as bubble wrap) could be recycled and help you cut down on your shipping expenses.

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