6 business ideas that require little to no startup costs

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Starting a business may sound like a huge financial investment, but that’s not necessarily the case. Depending on what you’re good at and what you’re interested in, there are plenty of business ideas that don’t require office space, employees, and thousands of dollars for start-up costs. The following are some businesses, most of which are service-based, that won’t cost much (or anything) for you to start:

Event planning

If you’re creative, detail-oriented, very organized and you enjoy planning parties and other events, consider starting your own event planning business. Whether it’s for an engagement party, fundraiser, holiday party, or birthday celebration, an event planner will organize the perfect affair that will dazzle both the host and guests.

Internet-based services

If you’ve got a computer at home and a strong Internet connection, there are several at-home jobs and gigs you can take on that you can eventually turn into your own full-time business. Examples include virtual assisting, Internet marketing, web design, content writing, and more.

Music lessons

Are you an expert at a particular instrument? Share your gift and turn your passion into your own business by offering local music lessons. You can even expand your customer base by offering virtual music lessons, which are increasing in popularity and are done through programs like FaceTime and Skype.


If you’re a terrific cook, share your culinary talent by starting your own catering business. As a food caterer, you can provide delicious and customized meals for business lunches, parties, weddings, and much more.

Babysitting, housesitting, and pet sitting

When people take vacations, they like to know that their homes will be taken care of in their absence. Pet owners also worry about who will take care of their furry friend while they’re gone. If you love animals, consider starting your own house sitting and pet sitting business. In addition to house and/or pet sitting, you can also consider starting your own babysitting service if you’re good with children.

House cleaning

A lot of people hate cleaning, or simply don’t have the time for it. Use this to your advantage if you happen to enjoy it and you’re good at it, as it can cost little to nothing to start your own cleaning business. As you begin to build your clientele list and make more money, you can consider hiring employees and expanding.

Although there are plenty of ways to start a business without much money, having extra cash can be the ticket to really getting a new company off the ground. Having extra money can also be essential to take care of your bills and expenses while you wait to generate revenue through your new business. Some people will choose to stay at their full-time job while their new business is in its beginning stages, but it can be difficult to give your business the concentration and dedication it needs to be truly successful. With extra cash, you don’t have to worry about juggling both your job and your new business.

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