How much does the average car accident really cost?

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Car crashes can potentially cost motorists large amounts of money. In order to avoid having to pay such substantial costs, many people purchase car insurance policies. However, those that do not have car insurance will usually have to pay for these costs out-of-pocket, unless it was the other driver’s fault and the other driver has an adequate insurance policy that will cover the expenses.

The costs for minor damages

The normal costs associated with automobile accidents that involve only minimal damage are usually between $200 and $1000 for the driver. Minor damage usually means that there is nothing seriously wrong with the car and it is still drivable. Additionally, a minor auto crash is classified as one with no physical injuries to those involved. Minor car crashes are usually not very costly when compared to lagers accidents; however, they are even less costly for those with insurance coverage.

The costs for major damages

In the event that an individual is involved in an accident with substantial damage, the typical cost can run approximately $5000 to start and then quickly increase from there, depending on the specifics of the accident. Most accidents that are classified as major are ones that leave a car inoperable, and often cause serious physical harm to any drivers or passengers involved—sometimes, there are fatalities.

The standard costs with insurance

The typical cost for a car accident can vary for those with insurance, just like for those without, but the standard cost is normally less than a hundred dollars. This, of course, will not only depend on the extent of the accident, but the level of coverage that the driver at fault has. Most of the time however, having adequate car insurance can save drivers thousands of dollars after being involved in an accident.


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